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Private Boat Tour of the Inner Lakes of Lough Ree

Price: €175

The cost of the boat tour  is for the entire private hire of the boat for up to 5 people. 

Group size: Max 5 People


Departure points: The Marina, Athlone Town Centre

Sialing Times: 9.30 am, 2.00 pm, 6.30 pm (sunset tour)

Destination's - River Shannon, Lough Ree, Coosan Point & Coosan Lough

Duration of trip:  2 Hours

This private boat tour of the inner lakes of Lough Ree, will give victors a great insight into the history of the area,  the beauty the tranquility of the the majestic River Shannon.

Departing Athlone , the town established around 1000 Ad ,we take in the 11th. century Athlone Castle, Custume Army Barracks known in the 1800's as the Victorian Barracks, under the white railway bride built in 1851, we leave the town and head up river.

With the "callows" on both side, the meaning in Irish " water meadows, we see nature at its best, wild flowers, birds and swans nesting, cattle grazing, the colors, the smells - Irelands very special hidden heartlands.

When we enter Lough Ree, " The Lake of the Kings", it's like opening a history book, 54 islands,  monastic sites, Christianity, through to the turmoil and havoc the Vikings, Normans and Cromwell visited on the area.

We pass Hare Island, Coosan Point and follow a very narrow entrance into the peace and quietness of Coosan Lough, a time to turn off the boat engine and listen and look. Peace.





What should guests bring with them? - A warm jacket, hat, sunglasses, Suncream, comfortable runners, No flip flops! 



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